Available Painted

Whether you want to match the paint with your factory color code, or use another color to give your ride a contrast, NIA Body Kits has you covered. For those who’d rather do it themselves, we offer the primer option for most vehicles, as well as raw ABS black when available for your model.

Easy To Install

One of the most regarded feed backs we get from our clients at NIA Body Kits: “that was easy to install!” Most of our kits bolt to your bumper, sides, or bottom of the car with your factory clips or bolts, and when additional screws are required, we’ll include them in the box. Now that was easy.


The NIA Body Kits are made from ABS Plastic, making them strong, durable, and flexible in order to withstand common pot holes, curb rash, and occasional parking blocks without getting damaged. All kits are test-fitted before leaving our facility.

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